QR Code Speed Improvement

Hi I’ve used Jotform Form before I was using miniExtensions & I noticed that the QR scan speed is significantly faster on Jotform compared to the old extensions but since migrating to the new form it has been faster but I still found it to be a tad slower & requires a few adjustment before being able to be successfully scanned. I was wondering if there’s still any improvement could be made on this feature

Thank you for your feedback. I have created a ticket for this.

Can you please provide the following information to help aid in our investigation:

  1. What device & browser are you using to scan?
  2. Just want to confirm: you’re scanning QR codes, not barcodes, correct?
  3. Are the QR codes small? If it’s possible to provide a photo of what the QR codes look like in the environment you’re scanning in, that would help us in our investigation. Please feel free to message me directly if you don’t want to share any of this info here.


I’m experiencing something similar. I turn the barcode/qr on to scan upcs for receiving inventory and then I set a validation filter so it won’t auto submit form until upc is fully input. I also have a few other fields that I optionally fill out and prefill for next submission.

On average rn I can scan one product every 4-5 seconds if I’m just scanning. Improving that time would be a huge asset.

I’m more than happy to provide photos and videos for further context if you would like it

Are you using barcodes or QR codes? Barcode scanning is signficantly slower than QR code scanning, so I wanted to check on that first.

Barcode. We are scanning the label on the back of a product upc

In my case, it is QR and I am also getting a 3-5 second delay after aligning the QR. Ideally, it could be a 1-2 second delay, like on Jotform. I have also tested it with both a Samsung Galaxy S8 and an iPhone 14 Pro, and it does not seem to differ a lot, so I do not think it is a device issue. Furthermore, the sizes are 8 x 8 cm, so they are not particularly small.

Thank you all for all of that information. I’ve added the ticket with all of this information. We’ll post here if we have updates.

Out of curiosity, have you all considered using a bluetooth barcode scanner with our form? I think I’ve seen users do that.

Yes, I use that for the point of sale (POS) itself, but I would still like increased performance for the built-in QR scanner since I still need to use it for the shop clerks to scan QR codes for products on the shelves to check the price before arriving at the POS. I don’t think it should be difficult to implement since I have compared the functionality with Jotform, which uses the same mechanism by triggering the use of the video camera. Would a video comparison between the two forms and maybe linking the example function of the form help in trying to see how you can improve the QR? I could try to make time to make one if you think it would help. Also, on the topic of using an external QR scanner, I have another suggestion where you can create a batch scan mode/toggle to automatically select the top matching records upon entering, so the user will be able to scan the next product without needing to select the records first after every scan.

Our team will compare the speed to that of the Jotform scanner to see if there’s anything we can learn from. We’ll investigate this and post where if we have any updates.

Also, on the topic of using an external QR scanner, I have another suggestion where you can create a batch scan mode/toggle to automatically select the top matching records upon entering, so the user will be able to scan the next product without needing to select the records first after every scan.

We have a ticket for this. This feels like the most obvious first step to improving the speed of scanning, so I’ll try to get it prioritized soon.

It is agreed that having a Batch Scan Mode is more important. Currently, when we tried scanning with a barcode, the behavior was that it pasted the input or typed it out very quickly followed by an enter right after. Since there was no time to load the search, when enter was pressed it just sent the search request and when it finished loading, it showed the result with no records being selected. The user would have to manually press the records to select the record. This is different than if we were typing manually on the search, as if we type manually and waited for the results to load, then press enter, the topmost result would get selected (which is obviously not possible with a QR code, since the enter is inputted immediately after the input text). Lastly, after the topmost result is already selected, the search bar should automatically be emptied, to allow the input of the next item without having to delete the last input text. Hope something like this could be implemented soon.

Thank you for the detailed reply! I’ve added this context to the ticket. We’ll post here when we have updates.

I am seconding big time this moving the cursor to the top of the line so users can just continually scan.

Hi team, just checking in on the progress of the External Scanner Batch Scan Mode/Feature; is it going to be ready within a few weeks? Also, I got another feature request to allow filtering for non-Primary Field items. On the old MiniExtension, there was a filter feature on the search linked records, but I found that the implementation isn’t ideal, with the user having to click on the filter and enter the filter search term. I was thinking that you would allow an option to include non-Primary fields in the search result, for example Barcode Number & Product Brand, so that once the user typed in a query, or, for my ideal use case, used a Barcode Scanner to scan a Barcode number, the top result from the search should be automatically selected, with the search field cleared after the selection. This is technically possible by simply making a Formula Field that concatenates both Item Name (The Primary Field) + Barcode Number, but I do think it would be cleaner on the UI if I don’t need to show the Barcode Number and let the user search for it or in this case scanned it.

Hi I was wondering if the QR Batch feature would ever be implemented? It’s been in development for a while with no updates.