Extra Workspaces & Collaborator Access Permissions

Hi there,

We recently upgraded to the Pro plan as a legacy customer. The adding of collaborators was something that drove the upgrade as we hoped it might give us control over which bases collaborators could access in the account, and having the ability to add separate workspaces for each team at our organisation.

This is something that would really help with data security, ensuring collaborators only have access to work on bases that are relevant to their role at the organisation they work for.

Is this something that is already in the product roadmap?


Hi @JackHancocks. I forwarded your request to the team and will see if it’s possible to add this feature to our product roadmap. I will let you know if there is any update on this ticket in the future. We appreciate your feedback and please let us know if you have any other requests!

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Hi Ana,

Thanks for the reply!

Just as a follow up to this - we are adding more collaborators under our account and I would really like to manage their permissions better in terms of what they can access.

What feels most urgent right now - would it be possible to remove their ability to ‘cancel subscription’? This feels like it should only appear for the named email on the account (the account admin) and collaborators shouldn’t be able to access these kind of settings.


Hello @JackHancocks, our engineering team is diligently working on this feature, and I will provide you with updates as they become available, right here.