Header scroll bar size

Hi. I have several ‘pages’ on my Portal, plus 5 website links - all in the Header. On a tablet/touch screen device/Apple Mac with track pad, it is very easy to scroll across the top and view the other pages to click on one to open.

But, if relying only a mouse, it is difficult to highlight the scroll bar, click on it and move it across.

Is it possible to make this slightly larger, or somehow easier to select when using a mouse?!

Thanks in advance.
Portal Header scroll bar

Hello @Albie_on_tour. Thank you for sharing your suggestion. A ticket has been created for this request, and we will provide updates through this channel.

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Hi @Albie_on_tour. We have implemented the requested change to increase the size of the horizontal scrollbar. We hope this improvement enhances your user experience. If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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That is much easier to use with a mouse! THanks very much Paulo and team.

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