How do you add STRIPE API to a workspace?

Hi all

I am trying to have a STRIPE payment to my base. I have set up the Stripe extension, but it says I have to set up the STRIPE API in the workspace settings. For the life of me i can;t see how to do that! I can’t seems to find any documentation etc.

Also, I have STRIPE set up for other bases using the old extensions - and they work fine! They ask for the STRIPE Keys…but the new extensions do not!



Hi @Geoaware. Sorry for the delay in responding. You should see it in Make sure you are in the correct miniExtensions workspace if you have multiple workspace. Under API Keys section, you will see the field for Stripe. Please let me know if there is anything else that we can help you with.

Thanks Paulo

Can I suggest that the wording at the top of that extension say “mini extension workspace sertting” to avoid confusion with the Airtable workspace settings?


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