Stripe Integration with Portal


I am interested in using the Stripe integration but am wondering if it is possible to setup the form in the portal. Our portal is setup with a Users table and what we need is to automatically tie the Stripe payment to the User, i.e. without the user entering their email address.

Correct me if I’m wrong, from watching the videos, it looks like because the Stripe extension is a separate extension to the portal extension, that there is no way for us to tie the two together?


Hello @silisols, the Stripe Integration extension is now a separate extension. If you want to initiate payment from User Profile of the Portal Extension, you can create a button in your Airtable that contains the link generated by the Stripe Integration extension and add it to the user profile form. I hope this solution helps address your concern.

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Hi Paulo,

I may have found a (very convoluted) workaround which I am still trying to workout. If no success, then I’ll revert to your very excellent suggestion. Thank you.