Is it just me, or do some uI elements switch on and off without user interaction?

Good afternoon, all,

I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed something similar to me whilst using the ME editor, or is it just me? This is over the last month.

In a Portal form, just now, I removed some fields (with the (X) in the top right of each field) only for one of them to ping back into the list - nearly didn’t notice it.

In a Portal form, the “Disable” page, one of the toggles, toggled on (when I hadn’t press anything).

This one I don’t quite know what happened and is more circumstantial, but it was what started me keeping more of an eye on my settings. In a form, a linked field, I swear I’ve seen a filter change after I just added it, something flicked with the dropdown boxes before my eyes.

I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar? Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Best, DanC

Hi @dancourse. We would need more information about this issue. Can you send us a more specific details (URL, screen recording, etc) via chat so our engineers can look further into this issue?

Thanks for responding. I’m in MiniExtensions for hours on end, so it would be difficult to record every session, but I understand it’s difficult for you to address without some details.

I just had another instance of it occurring, and will chat the engineers the URL.

I was in a Portal > Table > Custom view, and after selecting an Airtable view, roughly 2 seconds later it reset the view back to “Select View”.

@Abdul sorry, where is “chat”, please?

Hi @dancourse. Sorry for late response. You can login to You will see a blue circle button at the bottom right of the screen. You can initiate a chat there.