Manually create a log of changes

Sometimes when I’m co-working on a form, I can see something has been updated by a colleague, but it’s difficult to see what they’re done.

Or, if I’ve updated a form a while ago, I may have forgotten why or what I changed.

Would there be value in a feature that allows colleagues to leave manual notes on any updates they’ve made, or leave notes for yourself on changes made?

It’s a bit like Zapier where you publish a new version, you can log your changes.

Just to show the concept, and placement of where it might fit here’s a simple diagram. To keep it simple, users could choose to press the button to log or not, it doesn’t have to be clever and auto-show the panel for every change / session.

Thanks as always,


Hi @dancourse. Thank you for your feedback. I have raised a ticket for this feature request. We will keep you updated through this channel.

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