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Is it possible to have some form of Preview view/test view of changes made to the Portal settings and design, to be able to view the changes and then decide if I want to ‘go live’ with these changes for the customer’s front end of the Portal.

At the moment, I feel like I’m experimenting with some changes and having to quickly look at the Portal, then change it back if it doesn’t work the way I intended it to/don’t like the added feature/don’t like the look of it. I’m having to do this late at night, to reduce the chances of my customers being on the Portal at the same time.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Albie_on_tour,

This is currently not possible since we have our auto-save feature. But you have a point so I can bring this up with the team if we can add this in our product roadmap.

But as a workaround, you can duplicate your portal and make some changes that you can test without worrying that it might affect the portal that is being used by your users.


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Thanks Paulo - I’ll do that and test updates on the Duplicate and see how that goes, I think that may solve my dilema.

THe auto-save feature is way more important LOL.

We just released the following feature: Ability to copy and paste extensions (& child extensions)

This can help you copy the extension back once you’re done making your changes.

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