Duplicating a portal should create a fresh, unlinked form

Good morning,

We just had some functionality which we found un-expected and thought we should report it.

When duplicating a portal, ME creates a fresh new portal, BUT keeps the Create/Expand forms linked for changes from the original and duplicated portal.

We’ve found the workaround, by creating a new form in the duplicated form and copying across the settings. However, it could have easily gone un-noticed.


  1. duplicate a portal
  2. change a form in the new form (i.e., pre-fill hidden fields ON)

Unexpected result:

  • the form from the original portal changes (i.e., pre-fill hidden fields turns ON)

Expected result:

  • only the new form changes (not the form from the original portal)

Thanks for your help,

Best, DanC

Hi Dan, our team will take a look at this. Sorry for the hassle.