Multi page form combined with collapsible sections

How Can I combine multi page forms with collapsible sections in one form? I need to use both for my use case.

Hi @ultimate1984. We appreciate your feedback. To better assist you, could you please provide further details or context regarding your specific use case or the issue you are facing? This will help us understand your needs better and provide you with a more tailored response. Thank you!

Hi Paulo
So what I mean is that I want to have the the ability to have a collapsible heading on a multi page form, So the heading that can collapse is for instance on page two of the form, Make sense?

Hi @ultimate1984. Could you please provide a screenshot? This will help us ensure that we fully understand the specific feature you are requesting when we implement it. Thank you!

I don’t have a screenshot, I don’t know how to explain it in another way, At this stage I can only select headers for a collapsible section, but not select multipage at the same time, otherwise it will make the headings into pages? So I want to be able to use both features in one form, I want to be able to select multi page and collapsible sections, not one or the other.