Portal: Ability to automatically logout after some time (set by the portal creator)

It would be great if we could set a period (maybe a number of days) for the user to be logged into the portal.

I think this would bring more security to the creators of the portal, as we could force the user to log in again and check the code received by email for the new login.

Thus, in the case of corporate email, if the user has left the company and inactivated his email, he would not be able to access the code and, consequently, would not have access to the portal (which would be great, in my opinion).


Hello @amanda.teodoro! An existing feature can also address this concern. You can refer to this article on how to remove a user’s access to a form or portal: How to remove a user’s access to a form or portal?. You can add a field in the user table that will indicate if the user is active or not.

Hello @Abdul!

I am aware of this possibility, but they are very different things!

Many times we who create the portals do not have direct control of these users - if they are or not active, like when the portal was created for a specific client.

So, having this automatic logout after some period of time would be one more way to guarantee the security of the accesses - without depending on the exclusion of the user by us, manually.

I would second the utility of this feature. I have the same concerned regarding security.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I have created a ticket for this request and will keep you updated on any developments through this channel.


I add my vote to this.


Hi! Any updates?