Record URL Formula bypassing Portal permissions

I have used the Record URL Formula in my Airtable table and is working as intended. This link is then included in an automated email to specific staff to easily access the record within a protected portal. Is there a way to ensure a user needs to sign-in to the portal before being able to access the record? My concern is if the URL in the email gets accidentally sent around, then other non-authorised team members can access the record. Please let me know if you need any more information.

Hello @mitchyharris, when login is enabled in the Portal, it will be enforced to the users, even if the URL used to enter the portal is generated from the Record URL Formula. Furthermore, if a user is logged in but lacks access to a specific record, that record will not be visible in the portal. I have recently tested this, and I can confirm that it is functioning as intended.

Hi @Abdul - thanks for your quick response! Apologies, I found an open tab of the portal open when I was testing this, so it bypassed the portal credentials. All solved!