Portal Custom View | Filter by a common linked record between the record and the user table

Hi Mini Extensions Team,

I have seen other Airtable platforms providing this type of filtering / conditioning and I find it really powerful. Putting this idea down for our reference. The format of the filter is based on a condition that must match between the record and a user’s record. ( via a linked field )

The use case is good for Groups / Teams - when certain record needs to be shown to a group of logged in users instead of an individual user.

In this example - the user’s table and the record table will have the linked record “Teams” - If a record has the linked record (Team) as “HR” and the logged in user has the linked Record (Team) as “HR”. The record will show based on this condition.

Currently when we use ( Only show records linked to the logged in user ) this is good, but have it’s limitations. - We may need to add users individually to the record - if there are 100 users, its not easy to manage. - (This context can also be used for display invoice / to groups of customers / company.)

Proposed to have an option to select “show records linked to logged in user” OR "show records that has the same linked records as the logged in user.

Understand that this may require some re-work and may be abit of a complex condition. But this will save us from creating multiple portals - Example for HR, for Finance etc. - Instead, it filters dynamically to show records based on the user’s Team / department. while still allowing individual user logins

:smiley: - Just some thoughts - Feel free to share if there are any ways to go about this or if this can be the way to go?

We are working on the ability to add lookup fields that are linked records as a portal field. I think this might be possible with that feature? I recorded a video to explain more here: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding this.

@Abdul - Thanks you explained this perfectly. - Yes - If we could use lookup fields that would be great!

One Question is that could this lookup field be used to show as a portal table?

As the main reason to use this is to be able to dynamically filter out records to show based on logged in user’s > linked record “Team”

The ability to use lookup field is great! - Not sure if I am overthinking this too - if it can be achieved by the upcoming lookup feature :grin:

Yes, that’s how the feature that we plan on rolling out soon works. You would have that lookup field be one of the tabs in your portal (you can configure it just like the other fields that you have now).

We will post here when we have updates about this feature.

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WOW - you guys are amazing! - Read our minds even before we can request it :sparkling_heart: - This would be really powerful!! Thank you Abdul for the clarifications on this ! - looking forward to lookup field features :muscle:

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Hi there. Is there any timeline for when this will be implemented? I need it for my summer roll out of a new portal for incident reporting. It has the structure of:

Incident Reports Table

  • Linked to user creating the report
  • Linked to department (which department did the incident physically occur in)
  • Lookup field containing the department’s users

Departments Table

  • Linked to individual incident reports (which incidents physically occurred in this department)
  • Linked to indivdual staff members (which department are they employed in)

Staff Table

  • Linked to incidents they have created
  • Linked to department they work in
  • Lookup field containing all of their department’s incidents

Current structure only allows me to limit a portal view by incidents they have created personally. I need to be able to have a page - even if a wholly separate portal - that allows them to see ALL reports for their department as well.


I’m thinking this can be accomplished by way of view filter if MiniExtensions allows the use of a tag in the filter. Are there tags/variables that can be used in filters? See below for what I’m thinking.

Hi @jamieZ. It seems we missed to update you with the progress on your request. Using lookup field as a portal table is now available. For more information, you can check this posting.