Portal | Forms & Child Forms - (After Save) - Send Data to a Webhook Address

Hi Mini Extensions Team! :slight_smile:

Request for (Trigger Webhook after save) feature into Portal’s Forms & child forms (This is already a existing feature that was made for the Forms Extension. )

Use case would be:

  1. If users update a child form in the portal, we want certain 3rd party systems to be updated via webhook.
  2. Easily extend integrations webhook requests into automation systems like Zaiper / Pabbly / Make from mini-extensions
  3. Silent trigger instead of using airtable button in mini extensions
  4. Better management of automation in portal on a child forms level

Additional request: Can there be a conditional layer that will only trigger these webhooks on save. Example: If a field status reads a certain value. :star:


Feel free to discuss on this / your thoughts

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Hi @JamieZ, thanks for sharing your suggestion. I have created a ticket to forward your request to the team. Please let us know if you have any other feedback or requests.

Hi @JamieZ. We are delighted to inform you that we have released the feature you requested. You can find more information in these posts:

AMAZING :100: THANKS FOR Implementing my request :pray:

For the community - I just want to share how powerful :zap::zap: this feature is on child form and how easy it is to send data compared to native airtable.

Lets say we just updated our child forms fields and want to send the data directly into a specific part of our external CRM. - We can set one of the fields or even a condition to trigger the webhook !!! :scream::scream:

And just by saving the form, the data is sent out . :exploding_head:

:+1::+1::+1:Thank you MiniExtension Team :heart_eyes: for implementing this - the use cases are endless and opens up more possibility when using portal with other 3rd part systems. @Abdul @Abdul