Portal tables - conditional view

Is it possible to make portal tables conditional by user? We have some tables we only want a couple users to be able to access/edit/update.


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Was thinking about this too. Currently, we can set user conditions based on login.
If we could save the effort - instead of creating another portal instance just for admin login, we can set visibility for a specific custom views based on a condition that matches the users table - would that work?

The Custom views we created is actually quite powerful , could it be possible that view access conditions are at the custom views layer ? So based on a logged in user’s field it will be conditional if the user can view

An example would be - Custom view 1 = Logged in users can see their own records | Custom View 2 = Only (users table) where field = Admin or manager can see this custom field which shows all records.
( Concept is similar to what was already implemented with our portal login condition but with custom views )

See Example Image

Was wondering how can this be done to cover most use cases. @Abdul / @Abdul - feel free to share your thoughts / suggestions :blush:


Hi @amandallls and @JamieZ. Please accept my apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I want to assure you that I have already created a ticket for your request on May 23. I will provide regular updates through this channel to keep you informed of any progress.

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Interested in this as well! Would help us to be able to filter different views based on the products within the plan so there aren’t unnecessary buttons.