Redirection to Airtable field

Hi all. I am really struggling with a redirect. A person enters details in a form and submits. The new record has lookup fields based on their details…including a redirect url (which works when you click on it). I want the person to be sent to that field…but when i use the ‘Riredirect to an airtable field’ it just send me to a blank original form???

Any ideas

Hi @Geoaware. Welcome to miniExtensions forum.

I have tested your use case and it is possible to use lookup field as redirect URL source. For us to look further into this issue, we are hoping you can share more details about your setup in miniExtensions and also in Airtable.

If you are not comfortable sharing these information in this forum, you may opt to contact us via chat. Just sign into and you will see a blue circle at the bottom right of your screen.