"Select all" assign status to multiple records

It would be awesome to be able to select all (or have checkboxes to select a few) records showing/filtered in a grid and then apply a status to all of them.

Example, if we have a grid of 50 records who need product shipped, right now one by one we have to go into edit each record and update status to shipped. Would be amazing to select everyone at once and be able to change shipping status for all records.

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Introduction of checkboxes for selecting items in bulk, “Select All,” as well as “Shift Select” for group selection, would be great if combined with the ability to edit things right from the grid, à la old Mini Extension Grid editing, beyond checkboxes — something I’ve suggested in the past, as well.

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Hello. Thank you for providing your feedback. I have opened a ticket for your request, and we will keep you informed about any progress through this communication channel. If you have any additional questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Thank you! The need for this has come up again. Would be awesome to know if your team is working on this one!

Hello @amandallls. Regrettably, this feature has not yet been incorporated into our product roadmap. I will follow up on this ticket to propose its reconsideration by the team.