Portal: Grouping Records to provide counts

I am making a vendor portal–say there are a small number of items this vendor stocks, but a large quantity of them. When using a list or gallery view, there might be QTY[20] of one item all with the same name and QTY[30] of another shown in one big list. The database is set up this way because each individual item is SKU’d.

It would be nice to be able to group them together to provide overall counts based on a criteria (i.e. if I were grouping by name, I would see just see a single tile of one item type that I could then click on and see the list of SKUs related to this item). The challenge of doing this natively in airtable is that not all vendors stock the same items, so, the ability for a mini extensions portal to group and count based on a criteria would be really nice!

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Hi @jakemcgrath. We have an open ticket for this request and it is currently in progress. Your +1 vote has been added to the ticket to help prioritize it. Updates regarding the development of this feature will be posted on this channel.


Yes, the Kanban option is a great addition but grouping in a grid would be incredible!

We are delighted to inform you that we have released the feature you requested about grouping records in the portal. You can find more information in this post: