Show Custom Title in Form Editor

If you specify a custom title for a field in a form, display it in the form fields list next to the field name.
Maybe in a slightly greyed out, or italic text.

Use case:
At my company we use “generic” fields because we have so many different forms for the same table. We are using our table to place orders for “configurable” products, and each product has many different options. As it stands, if we were to use specific field names we would probably have 400-500 different fields in our table, which is not feasible. So we have elected to use “generic” field names instead, which brings us down to 280 fields or so.

Because of this, it is tedious to edit forms because we aren’t sure exactly which field we want to edit, and we end up clicking in and out of several fields to see the title before we finally find the one we want.

Here is a screenshot showing the design intent. As you can see the field names themselves are not descriptive at all. As such, it would be extremely useful and very time-saving to be able to see at a glance what the “title” of the field is in the form.

Hi @jmiller. Thank you for your feedback. I have created a ticket for this request. We will keep you updated through this channel.