Show/Hide Toggle for Filter Fields in Conditional Filtering

When using conditional filtering of records to choose from in a form, I can choose more than one condition (see green circle), but then I am asked to choose the type of those filtering fields (red circle), and this choice applies necessarily to all of those fields - all, or none, of them are visible. Now I can see an improvement if I could choose which of these fields to show or hide individually, e.g. show one, but hide the other. Presumably, there could be a show/hide toggle here.

Use case: I have a list of concentrations students choose from and each of those concentration fall into a specific domain (like Finance, or Marketing etc.) and that domain is only suited for particular program level (undergrads, graduates etc.). Now when letting students select their concentration, while I do not want to let them choose/change the program level (this is a given, I want to prefill the filter and hide it), I do want to give them the option to filter the displayed concentrations by the domain (I want to show the field, and do not want to prefill it).

Hi @dstastny. Thank you for providing your use case. I have created a ticket for this request and added the use case to the ticket. We will keep you updated through this channel.