Airtable integration


I was about to build a new Portal but it needs to be linked to a different Airtable account. I realise now that since Airtable has updated API links etc, you mention that from now on, only one Airtable account can be linked to miniExtensions (web) as per your post; Can I connect miniExtensions with multiple Airtable accounts? | miniExtensions Help Center

But, I see that I can see have multiple accounts linked to the app extension?! Is this something that will change in the future? I don’t want to start building this new Portal on the old app extension and then find out the whole thing becomes unusable in a few months.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Even though we do not have plans to sunset the old website, we do not recommend creating new portals on the old website. If you need to connect multiple Airtable accounts, we recommend creating multiple miniExtensions accounts.

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