Bug in Prefilling?


It looks like I may have discovered a slight issue with the prefilling of a field and I’m not sure how this works in the backend or if what I need is doable.

I have a form which has a linked record field (username) which I would like to prefill and keep hidden. I am also showing on the form a lookup field (email) associated with the username field.

I have tried the prefill with the username field showing (not hidden) and I can see that the prefill is working correctly and the lookup email field is also displayed. What I am hoping to achieve is to be able to prefill the username field, keep it hidden and have the lookup email field still showing on the form.

Instead, what happens is all lookup fields disappear from the from when the username field is removed (hidden), even if it is prefilled. Furthermore, any other fields that I have on the table that are meant to conditionally show based on lookup field information also disappear from the table.


This is the expected behavior for lookup fields. They only show up on the form if the linked records field is visible on the form. This article might help:
Why are my lookup fields not showing up on my form? | miniExtensions Help Center

The same rule applies to conditional fields as well. I suggest adding the linked records field to the form, but keeping it read-only instead. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Hi @Moe

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have had to resort to keeping the linked record field in the form which isn’t ideal but at least it works.

To clarify, if there were no lookup fields on the form and I wanted to prefill a hidden linked record field, will the prefill data pass through to the hidden linked record field?