Prefill embedded form

Hi guys,

I have a website that my miniextension form is embedded on. I would still like users to only see records they are associated with when they access the form.
I understand a bit about prefilling fields but the field that needs to be pre filtered is a linked record.

I am thinking if it is possible I could switch the form to be a portal and then I would simply need a way for the user when they enter their first login on the site to also login to miniextension portal in the background.
Or I need some way to pass info into embedded form to filter linked records. Let me know what your thoughts are.

Well I am at the last step now. I can grab the user email when they log in and write it into the miniextension embedded form.
However I can’t get it to interact with the “lookup field” that the filter linked record thing uses.

Can you please send a screenshot/video of what you meant by this?