Editing Linked Records through a form

Hey there,

I am consulting this How-To, but my form doesn’t look like the form shown. I don’t seem to have the same features the video shows.

Here’s where I get caught:
Step one: Open your form & select the feature (linked record) you’d like to enable editing for.

The demo screen looks quite different out the gate, and this feature doesn’t show up on my end.

When I click into a linked record that is currently “read-only”:

My ultimate goal with this is to update records on two different tables: one table that houses static, rarely changing information and a second table that changes year to year. I think there’s a workaround by threading two forms together using redirect URL at the end of the first form, but it would be a lot cleaner to do it one…and I think it’s possible according to this tutorial?

Thanks for the help.

Hi @dara_harmon. Based on the icon on the top left area of the modal in your screenshot, you are setting up a lookup field and not a linked record field.

Ahh thank you! I need to add the actual linked record, rather than the looked up fields.

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