Keeping Edit Form settings when adding New Form capabilities

Hey! Is there any way to keep the form settings if you want to add on the option to “add records”

Example I have a pretty complicated form setup that previously was read/edit only. I want to now add the “add” option, but using a different form. If I do that, all of the existing setup I have for the ‘read’ form are erased. We do not have the bandwidth to go back in and re-do all of the setup there, so it would be AWESOME if you can say “save existing settings” before clicking to have separate form options for New vs edit

Hi @amandallls. The child form setup is actually not deleted. You can click this icon and choose the child form setup that you need.

The icon on the right allows you to access the child forms list . It gives you the ability to switch between different child forms. It’s a feature that most people actually don’t need or use.