Voting system through Miniextensions

Hey there,

I am working on building a voting system. I have a list of people that I need folks on an internal committee to assign a star rating to. I want to average the star rating for each of these prospective people, according to commitee member votes.

I could do this through Airtable alone, I think. But I think Miniextensions could help ensure folks are boundaried to their own personal view of the data & with updating records.

I’m looking for other’s feedback on how you might build this kind of system using miniextensions. Should I be using a miniextensions form or a portal?

Thanks for the help.

Hi @dara_harmon. Welcome to miniExtensions forum. Please check this tutorial on how to setup a simple voting system.

I made it through all the steps, and now can’t figure out how to have my “reviewers” show up as a table for the portal.

I don’t think the portal demo covers this. Can y’all help me understand how to correct this issue?

Hello @dara_harmon. It seems that your Members table corresponds to the Reviewer table in the tutorial. Is this a separate table within your Airtable base?

Yes, I kept the “reviewers” in my people table.

My prospective members (ie stories in the example) table is also leveraging a linked record + lookup fields from my members table.

I’m guessing it’s necessary to put reviewers in their own table for this to work?

I got this working!

The instructions didn’t quite match my experience while building the portal, but I was able to figure it out.

Thank you!

One last question- is there any way to make the grid itself editable without needing to open this popup?

It looks like this is the design based on this article: How does in-line editing work in the grid of the portal? | miniExtensions Help Center

We currently have an open ticket aimed at enhancing the in-line editing experience for the grid view. Your vote has been added to this ticket to consider prioritizing the improvement. We’ll provide updates through this channel as progress is made. Thank you for your feedback!

Hi @dara_harmon. We’ve just rolled out updates to enhance the functionality of in-line editing within the portal. To learn more about these changes and how they impact this feature, kindly refer to this informative article: How does in-line editing work in the grid of the portal? | miniExtensions for Airtable

Awesome! Thanks, y’all!


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