VPN causing users to log out/portal freezing

Is anyone else running into issues with users who are on a VPN? I have 2 users on a VPN and are mentioning the portal is kicking them out after clicking through the different tabs in the portal, sporadically when viewing records etc. From what they are telling me, the portal has become unusable for them as they are having to log in 10-20 times per session.

Hi @amandallls,

This is usually a result of the cookies being cleared from the web browsers. I suggest to check if there is any browser extensions, or any software that automatically delete the cookies and set them up to exempt clearing cookies intended for miniExtensions.


It may be the case that we can change how our system works to address this. I’ll check with our engineers to see if there’s a solution for this.

@amandallls is it possible that those users are accessing the portal in private browsing/incognito?

Hey just following up. I don’t think so. They were both using safari. they switched to chrome and don’t seem to have the issue anymore, so I’m wondering if there are some safari browser bugs?

I’ll work with the team to investigate if Safari might have any problems. Thank you for explaining this!