Filter and Sort by Lookup field in Portal Tables

When defining what records should display in a portal table and in what order, all lookup fields all excluded from being used in those filters and sorting rules (as they are in all setting conditions for whether a given field should be visible or not).
I assume there is some technical reason for this, and yet I cannot believe the only solution for me to use those lookup fields is to clone them into functions (as only then they can be currently used). Can you plan for eliminating this constraint?

Thank you for your feedback!

We were not able to implement a sophisticated filtering system for lookup fields that works like Airtable’s because the Airtable API does not allow us to do that.

However, we could start supporting basic operations for lookup fields. For example, we can start supporting “contains” and just treat all lookup fields like text, but we cannot for example allow sophisticated filtering of date fields that are lookup fields.

Would the ability to use a “contains” filter that treats the fields as just text be enough for your use case?

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Hi, thanks for. getting back in this, in a grand scheme of things, minor issue: yes, I guess it would help. As I said, where I desperately need to, I just create a function field that uses the lookup and then it works. If lookup fields were simply available on. the list, it would be. an improvement even if the level of sophistication in filtering remained as is (i.e. lower than in AT proper).

Noted. We’ll try to prioritize this soon. We’ll post here when we have updates.

Hello @dstastny,

We’re excited to inform you that our latest release now allows the use of a lookup field in conditions. You can find more information about this update in our post below:

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