Portal Menus on Mobile

I have a couple of portals with embedded URLs in menu items where the embedded URL is actually to another portal. This works well on desktops, however on mobile devices where both the menu for the enclosing portal and the menu for the embedded portal collapse to hamburger menus, the menu for the enclosing portal (which is the “main” navigation for the portal) doesn’t work. I think this might be a recent issue? I am building an event app for attendees, primarily for use on mobile devices, so if this is a persistent issue I need to adjust accordingly.

Edited to add: this is also happening when a form is embedded as a menu link!

The first image is the desktop view, where all menu items for both the “main” enclosing portal and the embedded portal display correctly:

The second image is the mobile view (I’ve tested this on a mobile device). The “main” enclosing portal menu is highlighted when clicked on but doesn’t open, however the embedded portal menu works correctly. This is an issue since it prevents users from returning to other sections in the app.

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