Portal: Send users to a custom form url if first time/temp password logging in

Hey team,
Portal help please :slight_smile:
I have a setup, where our Clients that use the Portal are split into 2 hierarchies - Admins, and Users.
Users are able to book events, but Admins are able to add/modify/disable users, and book events etc…
I have set up the Portal so when an Admin adds a new User, it generates a password for the User (that the Admin is unable to see - it is just a formula automation).

I wonder if anyone has had a similar situation, and worked out a way to send users to a ‘change password’ page if they are:
a. Logging in for first time (based off a condition - ie: ‘change password’ checkbox is blank)
b. Requested a new password (a temp password is generated and ‘temp password’ checkbox is cleared, so when they login using new temp password, it asks them to create a new password)

I guess it would be similar to the login page options - where it has the option of sending users to a custom URL if the record doesn’t exist. In this case, I would want it to send them to a simple form, based off a condition, that populates their record_ID and asks them to create a new password, befor sending them to the ‘success’ page. On submitting, it would then just run an automation in Airtable and update the password in the profile and send an email to say ‘password updated’ and ‘click here to login’ - sending them back to the Portal login page, where, because the checkbox now has a :white_check_mark: in it, it send them into the Portal as normal. A similar situation for ‘forgot password’ - they fill out the form and a temp password is generated, and the checkbox cleared, so when they login, it sends them to ‘create new password’ again, and follows the same as above.

I have thought of including a custom menu item ‘Change Password’ formula which shows if the password needs to be changed, but i’d like them to be able to be ‘forced’ to change it - as it then also allows us to see who has logged in and used their account, and when new passwords are requested etc… like a history we can pinpoint in-case of any issues.

A lengthy help request but hoping someone may have some hindsight and thoughts :slight_smile:
thanks all!!

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Here is a suggestion for you, @Pauly:

  1. Create a dedicated form for updating the password fields, and use the edit record formula to add it to Airtable. You can also set the form to redirect to the portal after form submission, and use a checkbox to allow it to be used only once.
  2. Create a separate form for creating user records, which can be used by admins and embedded in the Portal using the Custom Menu Items feature. Enable the submission email feature for this form, which will send an email to the created user containing a link to update their password.

This workflow ensures that users cannot access the portal unless they have updated their password. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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I’ll give it a go - thanks @Abdul !!