Possibility of filling in fields automatically without URL prefill

It would be very interesting if we could predefine some fields before the form is submitted, as in URL prefills. That way, with each form submission, the record would already be filled with the right information.

The intention is that it should serve as a URL prefill, but that it could be configured directly in the form settings, hiding the field from the viewer.

The problems with URL prefills are these: (i) it is not possible to prefill with the embed code; (ii) the link is displayed in the browser with the prefills and can be changed by users;

Therefore, my suggestion is to make it possible to prefill the fields in a hidden way without using URL prefills.


  1. In each field, it would be able to enable “Prefill and hide” option.

  2. In that case, if the option is selected, we could select which value we want to be filled in automatically (in the case of single or multiple selection) or even type it in (if it’s a text)

Is it possible?


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Hi there, it’s possible to set default values:

I think this does what you’re looking for, but please let me know if I misunderstood your question.

@Abdul To set a default value, the field has to be visible on the form. In this case, the user wants to hide the field. Right now whenever a field is hidden, its value is ignored and doesn’t get passed to Airtable.

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Yes!! That’s correct.

The intention here is to allow prefills in hidden fields without doing that with the URL.