Read-only records search/lookup (portal or form)

I’m trying to create a portal or form that allows users to input a unique serial number and return the lookup fields associated with that. I do not want the user to be able to see any records unless they enter a serial with an exact match in the table, and then only that record and associated lookups.

To help visualize, my company issues educational certificates; we want prospective employers to be able to validate the authenticity of the certificate number found on LinkedIn.

I can get this to work alright IF the form allows record creation, but while I see how to turn off record creation, this seems to disable the record finder funcationality. The best workaround I’ve found is to use the certification number as a portal login and then just show the one associated record, but this is clunky because the portal isn’t really built for this.

Seems like I’m trying to do something basic — I feel like I’m just not configuring my table or miniextension correctly.

Hi @amiller. Welcome to miniExtensions forum.

Turning off the creation of record for the child form of the form should still show the record finder.

Could you provide the link to your form so that we can use it as a reference?

Thanks for replying.

Here is a link with all fields set to “read only” and the “Allow users to expand or edit records” toggled on: Form

Note if that is toggled off, the lookup fields don’t display and the save button is still there anyway. The desired state would be to just have a search with lookup fields visible, no submission action.

Here is how the record finder result looks with “Allow users to expand or edit records” on vs. off; I have not yet found any options that allow the removal of the save button.

Attached a screen with the record finder result when “Allow users to expand or edit records” is toggled off (so, no lookup fields expand). Unfortunately I have yet to find any configuration that allows the removal of the save/submit button.

Hello @amiller. Given that the form’s objective is to validate the certificate number, it’s recommended to utilize the Cert Number table instead of the Student Name table for the form. Activate the login feature, which will verify the certificate number within the table. This configuration allows you to display all form fields as read-only which will hide the save button.

That works, thank you! I was jumping back and forth on which table to use based on how it handles lookups, but the key was really just using the login function on the form.

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