Reorder Items in Portal Header

Portal header items are added in the order they are created. Please allow these items to be reordered manually.

Hey Darryl, are you referring to the menu items feature? If so, these can be dragged and dropped just like the fields in a form!

I’m referring to other items that also appear in the header; like table views and embeds.

Perhaps a screenshot would help me understand exactly what you’re referring to. Portal tables can be dragged and dropped to change their order, just like form fields, as can menu items (which is where any embed would be). The only limitation here is that menu items will appear after portal tables at the moment.

I would like the ability to reorder all the items independently, regardless of whether they are tables or custom menus. Tables can be re-ordered in the Tables section and custom menu items can be reordered in the Menu Items section, but tables always appear above menu items. So, for example, I would like to be able to move a menu item above a table or between tables in the header.

Thank you for clarifying this. I will forward this to the engineering team for consideration for a future release now and will post an update here when this becomes available!

Thank you for the suggestion!