Ssing the same login for multiple extensions

Hi folks!

We have a website that runs different extensions of different pages. We had hoped that when someone logs into the first extension, they will then be logged in to all the others on the various pages they encounter. However, this is not proving to be the case.

Can you please let me know what the issue is here - I’m sure I’ve done this before…?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello @chrisclaynz. Your use case information is much appreciated. I will relay this to the team and keep you informed of any developments through this channel. Thank you for your valuable input.

Hi @chrisclaynz. The team has decided not to proceed with your request. However, a workaround is to utilize the login prefill feature.

You should use the URL generated by this formula in the Menu Items. Additionally, Menu Items can retrieve URL from an Airtable field.